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welcome to "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo with the latest at this hour. 503 million people are sharing one of the world's most prestigious award. the european union has won this year's nobel peace prize. it's a boost for the block which has faced an economic crisis that put a strain on leaders and its citizens. >> the recent nobel committee
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has decided that the nobel peace prize for 2012 is to be awarded to the european union. >> committee members say the eu have contributed to the advancement of peace, reconciliation, democracy, and human rights for the past 60 years. they say the union has played an important role in transforming most of europe from a continent of war to a continent of peace. european nationals formed the eu in 1993 building on the european economic community or eec established in 1958. nobel prize representatives note the eu is currently undergoing economic difficulties and social enrest. they say they want to focus on the successes. the award appears aimed at encouraging member nations to work together to overcome their challenges. the top eu official at the imf talks in tokyo spoke to nhk.
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>> we have for the moment in europe. but this is indeed a happy day for europe and for the world. >> european commission member welcomed the news. he said the award is a great honor for the citizens of europe and european institutions. >> it is justified recognition for a unique project that works for the benefit of its citizens and also for the benefit of the world. >> he said the award shows that the eu remains an inspiration for countries and people all over the world. he said the international community needs a strong european union. the chinese author who won this year's literature prize may now earn displeasure. he says he wants them to free the dissident who won the 2010 nobel peace price.
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mo yen spoke out for liu. >> translator: i w him to be freed as soon as possible. >> will be able to research politics if he's quickly freed in good health. liu is serving an 11-year jail sentence for citing subversion of state power. he demanded democratic reforms. the chinese foreign ministry spokesman congratulated mo on winning the literature prize. he -- the japanese scientist who won this year's nobel medicine prize says he wants to use his breakthrough in stem cells to start helping the sick. he hopes to start treating patients within four or five years. shinya yamanaka developed cells that can be grown into any oor
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gan. he wants to use those to help parkinsons disease and ors that are incurable. he gave advice to young researchers. >> translator: try lots of things. it's no shame to have lots of failures and suffer lots of setbacks. >> translator: he's great because he doesn't just think of medicine. he thinks of japan, the world, lots of things. >> translator: i hope he uses stem cells to develop new medicines soon. because a relative of mine has an incurable disease. a japanese researcher claims he's already used yamanaka's stem cell technology to treat a patient. he says he performed the world's first transplant of the ips
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cells. but officials at the university where he claims to have done the work claims he didn't do it there. he described his achievements at an academic meeting in new york on wednesday. they took down a poster about his work. he told nhk he did the transplant in february. he said he performed the procedure at the massachusetts general hospital which is affiliated with harvard university. he said his team treated a man with heart disease. he said they transplanted 27 million muscle cells transformed from ips cells. he claimed he had permission from the patient and university officials. he said he was happy to see the patient walk home as the man hadn't expected to be cured. officials at the university and hospital say he has never applied to conduct clinical research on ips cells there. he says he doesn't belong to
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either institution. still, he is standing by his claims. he told nhk he did transplant ips cells into a human patient. >> translator: i did all the necessary research to get each and every result. it's a pity people don't understand. >> moriguchi said he couldn't prove the details because he didn't have the data to hand. he said an official at harvard university probably denied he was affiliated because of a clerical mistake. he says he's been a visiting lecturist since 2006. in other news, a greek government minister has highlighted how badly his administration is strapped for cash. he said greece needs bailout funds by next month or the government will run out of
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money. -- trying to get more international bailout loans worth $41 billion. >> we can go to november but not beyond that. we also comply with the agreement and proceed with it as planned. >> greek leaders say they need more time to cut their budget deficit. they're asking officials of the eu and other organizations to push back a deadline by two years. he said the greek economy is likely to shrink next year for the sixth year in a row. he says more austerity would throw the economy off balance. greece's unemployment up 25% in july. he said governments will privatize state-run firms to revive economy and create jobs. the u.n. and arab league peace push is back in the middle
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east. to try to find a revolution with the syrian war. he began by meeting king abdullah. he is believed to have asked the king not to intervene excessively. supporters and opponents of syrian president bashar al assad are fighting in cities of aleppo and homs. landed in a town in turkey and killed five people. turkey's troops have retaliated by firing into syria. to continue his tour in turkey and egypt. he hopes to go to syria next week and meet president assad. now here's the three day world weather forecast.
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that concludes this edition of "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. thank you for joining us.
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